These contents are written from the heart for future reflection. The content can be roughly divided into two categories: one is records, and the other is technology. The recorder documents the mental journey of a person — a living, physically intact, normal-looking, and generally sane individual. The previously established “My World” volume has been deleted and is no longer maintained, but its spirit remains.

Life is not taken for granted, nor is it simple and easy. Moments of beauty and ease are always rare, and the inevitabilities of birth, aging, illness, and death are always entwined around us. There is no way for you and me to change these! Changing our own thoughts, perceptions, and attitudes is the way to make life progress smoothly. Honor, achievement, and a heroic spirit are the goals pursued by millions of men. However, in today’s world, with its overwhelming population, political corruption, destruction of traditions, soaring economy, restless public sentiment, exhaustion of resources, and expanding desires, it is extremely difficult to achieve these aspirations. Therefore, simplifying thoughts, curbing desires, introspecting, and discovering the truth, to simply live through life and fulfill a simple wish, is sufficient and clear.

Jan 09, 2024