Singhi John, IT Engineer (Front end) CN

Shenzhen, GuangDong, China +86-18742538743

  • 1989/01/03
  • Han
  • HuangGang, Hubei, China


As a senior FE engineer, I have served in IT industry for 7+ years, in which 5 years' experiences of web development. Now I have some abilities to architect a web application. I really have lead many web projects, of which at least 6 are in middle or large scale. With a solid master of JS basic knowledges, and really knowing well of Angular / React and Vue. Beyond knowing them well, I can reasonably put them into practice. Things like Webpack, Babel and Typescript, are what I usually used in actual commercial projects. I really understand those patterns which are offen occurs. Knowing Hybrid's mechanism someway, did some works. Being interested in optimizing performances of web. Liking working with members and familiar with those popular IDEs. Working with high efficiency.

Employment History

  • 2020/01Now

    iSoftStone IT Group Inc. Chief Engineer B-MAG

    Serving in BPIT CBGIT department of Huawei company, developing some projects about channels.

    1. PMALL Based on Vue v2.0 & a UI library named xUI, like Element UI. MomentJs is used as a tool for processing data with date type. It is architected on a card-style architecture & packages those cards using webpack. During the last year, I am the first one trying using TypeScript to develop the card. And I've provide a compeleted type declarations for Vue plugins & global variables. Adding features for key modules, like buying cart, delivery batching, order submiting, invoice application & returning.

    2. Sentinel Dashboard It's a common projects of the whole platform, being designed to monitor all apps in the platform. It's based on angluarjs (Not Angular.), Bootstrap UI, G2(chart), Gulp & Spring boot, &etc. I am in the role of developing the apps of web, dashboard. Features I've implemented are editable table, facet, brush, json editor, json schema parser. I've made the building & serving scripts more good to use.

  • 2018/112020/01

    Livzon Pharmaceutical Group Inc. Senior Front-end Softare Engineer

    Health a'deer, a sub company of Livzon Group. It's a company managing many clinics all over the mainland of China. The cloud clinic of a'deer, which is smart and quick, is the unque platform for entities by a'deer IT department, with a strong aim at providing a full services for the doctors and nurses and patients. During serving there, my major duty is to architect the next web system for drag managing.

    1. The next generation of web system for drag managing For drag managing and dispensing; Based on React, react-router, ts, and apollo &etc. To avoid the mass of data transforing, and masking the frequently mutations of API from Apollo, I insert a layer named DAL, short for Data Access Layer. This DAL layer can transform all the data from Apollo to very clearly meet the demand of React component's API. Secondly, some components of antd were boxed again for the specified business. And setup a specific git repo for managing the source. Adopted the submodule feature in GIT to let it working well with the main project. Configured a group of rules of editorconfig, prettier and eslint. And react hooks should be the first choice.

  • 2015/032018/09

    Lanwcther Inc. Front end Engineer

    A small private company with foreign capital, an IT company, a Taobao ISV entity, creating web apps on the Taobao Open Service platform. Also, we did some projects for local goverements. Lastly, we have a great big and traditional project, a system, based on C# & ASP.NET, for helping American doctors & physicians group to selfly keep individual credential active. I am the main employee leading all the front-end web projects.

    1. OnGoing Monitor Being constantly monitoring the credential informations. Based on Meteor & phantomjs. Throu abstracting the action of crawl, structured the scripts, which improved the efficiency of development and the scalability.

    2. Tong store A third service of Taobao Open. A tool for leading the web visiters. An on-PC web application, composited by 6 sub apps. Based on Vue2.0 / webpack. Implemented the features of one-key packaging and one-key deployment throu extending vue-cli. And providing a portal app to unified login based on COOKIE and JWT.

    3. Admin end of CaiNiao Washing platform For data maintainment of the platform; Based on Angular5、PrimeNG、EggJs、PostresQL; Extract the common logic according to the requirements and OOP thinkings. Split the whole app into small components to share code.

    4. User end of CaiNiao Washing platform It's a public account of Wechat for the wechat users ordering. Based on webpack + babel + express + ejs. Defined a pretty well packaging workflows, which is very proper the project. Based on ES6, implement the basic components library and utilities. Given JSSDK, implement o'auth of wechat, paying, scaning and photo-taking.

  • 2013/092015/05

    DaLian Naite Network Technology Inc. .NET Developer

    Developped a CMS and an e-commerse system. And some regular maintainments about to ASP,PHP,and server.

    1. Enterprise-level CMS Based on .NET 4 and MSSQL 8, a large scale commerse web system, with features of one-key installation, page templates, intelligent SEO, HTML gen, i18n and so on.

    2. E-commerse system based on .NET & MSSQL Based on the CMS above. It adopts the business & technology architectures in the popular e-commerse system named "nopCommerce" to meet the very demands of toC providers.


  • 2009/092013/06

    DLU (Bachelor) The Science of Computer

    Good scores in school. Passed the CET-4. Won the First class award in DLU English Writing Competition, Third class award in the Mathematics Competition in DL city, Third Prize of Liaoning Province, National College Mathematics Competition. Where the computer-related courses includes C-lang, ASP, ASP.NET, C++, SQL DB, FLash, VB-lang. Study Python & Java standalone. The Graduation Project is about the usage of Python processing data in Physic experiments.