Today's Mood
imagine by midjourney
imagine by midjourney

It was exceptionally cold today. In the evening, accompanied by a chilly wind, there was a cold drizzle.

I left Starbucks, carrying my laptop, and went to a Shaanxi noodle restaurant. I ordered a bowl of saozi noodles and a roujiamo (Chinese hamburger with meat). After finishing my meal, I stood outside the shop and smoked.

The cigarette quickly burned out. I fastened the bottom two buttons of my coat and shivered as I went to find my electric bike.

Soon, I was back on the tenth floor of the apartment. I lit another cigarette and smoked it slowly.

Lately, I’ve been smoking a lot more, sometimes one after another. No one asked me why I smoked like this; I just couldn’t control it. There was a joke I saw online before, “I’m not smoking cigarettes; I’m smoking loneliness.” Now, it seems like that’s the case for me.

It’s quite lonely, especially struggling at this age.

I looked through the slit in the curtains, gazing outside at the pitch-black surroundings with only scattered lights. Of course, most people working wouldn’t finish so early. Nevertheless, the scene remained the same, monotonous and boring. I casually noticed a young girl in the opposite building’s kitchen, and my thoughts began to drift again.

Why did I end up in this situation? How many nights have I asked myself this question? Is it because I didn’t pursue a normal family life? Is there a significant problem with my personality that makes me unsuitable for marriage? Or is it that I can’t afford to get married due to financial issues? I don’t know.

But deep down, I don’t oppose love. On the contrary, I yearn for it.

But is there still love? I don’t know.

Looking back at the five years in this city, it can be described as drifting aimlessly, achieving nothing. Yet, even so, it seems like I’ve encountered love a few times. I say “seems” because, in reality, it wasn’t love. However, all of that was meaningless.

Love seems to be drifting farther away from me.