I was in tears on the way to Bao’shan
imagine by midjourney
imagine by midjourney

Yes, I cried. The last time I cried is about one year ago when a girl said to me she had been married.

Today, as I planned, I should return to Bao’shan where I can take high-speed train to Kun’ming. Bus was moving on the highway lying in the mountains and hills for more than 2 hours.

I was sitting in the next to the last row and put on the headphones, and then looking outside through the window. Then, I cried, as I thought of the girl I met last night.

She is 22 years old. Very young, right? But I feel she is mature enough. She grew up in a village on a mountain. After finishing the high school education, she decided to quit a further education to find jobs to survive.

In that private room, we talked sharing the happiness of each other. She was very happy to see me again. I can feel it. She told me it’s very hard to save money. She doesn’t know what to do to earn more, even a little more, after this job. She said she want to wait a relatively handsome boy to fall in love. It’s not that easy.

She still remembered that I would leave the next day. It moved me, actually.

She asked me, with a little sadness: “You are going to leave, right?”

I said: “Yes, it’s tomorrow.”

She: “How?”

Me: “to Bao’shan by bus firstly, and then take the high-speed train to Kun’ming.”

I knew she loved me at that moment.

She has beautiful and lovely faces. She has small hands. She lived in that city lonely someway. To make money to survive, she has to smile to every guest to be served. I think she don’t like it. But, it seems there is no better solution to make a little more money to live better.

This is the real situation of a young Chinese girl without college education level. Life will be very hard for her. It’s a punishment. She has to sell her soul sometimes.

“Why?” I asked inside.

I held her hand, she felt it, and we fell in silence.

I knew I loved her at that moment.

On the way to Bao’shan, I cried on the seat.