What did I do today

Today is April 18th, 2020. Now the time is 6 o’clock and a half, afternoon.

I’m at the house I’ve rent in Shenzhen Guangdong.

It’s Saturday, a free day after 5 days’ busy working.

I’ve been sick for a long time, not a heavy and urgent ill. Last year, I went to hosipital to get diagnosed. I did CT test and the doctor said it’s not that urgent and keep having drug every day, then came to take blood test again every 15 days.

Now I’ve left that place and it’s too far to be there. Across the road next by my house is a private hosipital (I wouldn’t give the name ~~) having that blood test.

Three weeks ago, the test told the indicator is higher than normal. Today I did it again and I’ll get the result 2 days later. Why 2 days? Because many ppl here to get COVID-19 test for working Or just take a normal health check the company orders.

Then I went to a clothes-washing shop to cut the bottom edges for two pairs of pants. And last week I bought them for decorating myself. They’re very cheap, taking me less than 50 RMB.

On the way back, I bought a box of lunch and took it home to have. After lunch, I lay down for a rest.

It’s boring, right? I think so. But think about everyone working at his/her place, a very limited space, you will understand it. You’re just a body, an animal, needing rest and work, with a limited perspective.